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Post Features


Liking a post is similar to a Facebook like. Some member like posts because they found it useful, funny, enjoyable, etc.


To quote a post simply click reply in that post. The text will automatically be copied into your reply box. To quote multiple posts in one reply, click reply on each post.

Editing Your Post

You have up to 15mins to edit your post and thread title after your it's submitted. To edit simply click edit under the post.

News Feed

The news feed is a page that lists all activity of the people you follow.

How Do I Watch A Thread

Watched threads are SGReefer's way of keeping you updated on threads you have created,

participated in, or choose to be updated about.

By default any thread you start or reply to will become watched. This will generate an email every time

someone replies as well as an alert on the alert's menu. You can change this behavior in your


To watch a thread without participating simply click “Watch Thread” on top of any thread.
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